DreamHack has released information on qualifiers for their two upcoming DreamHack open stops: Valencia and Atlanta.

The qualification phase of the two DreamHack events that will take place mid-June is set to start in the coming weeks, following the organizer’s tried and tested open-to-closed qualifier format.

First on the agenda is the qualifier for DreamHack Valencia, the event that will take place in Spain on July 14-16.

The open, 512-team qualifiers will be played on the 24th of June, for both NA and EU. The following day, the top four teams from the open section will be joined with four invited teams in the closed qualifier, with only one team securing a spot at the


Gatekeepers have announced that they have signed their Swedish roster on a permanent basis after the squad represented them at GeForce Cup 2017.

Robin “robiin” Sjögren & company qualified for GeForce Cup 2017 using the name Fightclub but attended the LAN event under Gatekeepers’ banner. In Wrocław, Poland, Gatekeepers were able to upset PENTA with a 2-0 victory in the quarter-finals.

They then faced Space Soldiers who beat the Swedes 2-0 and went on to win the tournament. Gatekeepers earned $4,000 at the event. Also, they have recently won Yoggi Yalla Cup 2017—a Swedish online tournament—and earned ~$2,850.

Taking into consideration their recent results, Gatekeepers signed the squad on a permanent basis with their sponsor loot.bet. robiin said in his statement that the team meshed together and decided to maintain the lineup:
You can catch Gatekeepers in action on June 22 when they face MAXISAUCISSE in Hellcase Cup 5.