After a long pause due to technical issues, Renegades and Signature resumed their match and it was the Australian side that won in the end with a 2-1 map score (Mirage 9-16, Nuke 16-5, Overpass 16-11).

The deciding series of group A at the Asia Minor started with a shock, as Signature managed to sweep Renegades on Mirage with a 16-9 scoreline. Nuke, the Australian side’s pick, followed and we saw Aaron “AZR” Ward and co. replying with a strong showing of their own. Renegades took 11 rounds as Terrorists in the first half and swiftly secured the second map after switching to CT.

With the score tied at 1-1, the series went to the decider, Overpass. Just a few rounds into the series, extreme technical issues caused the match to be postponed for a couple of hours. After the problems were fixed, we saw Renegades kick into a higher gear and turn a tight 6-5 score into a respectable 9-6 CT half.

The start to the Terrorist side was good for the Australians, as they took the first three rounds, but Signature took control of the game from the first full buy onwards.

The team from Thailand got the score to 12-11, but the combination of Noah “Nifty” Francis, Nemanja “nexa” Isaković and Justin “jks” Savage activated towards the end of the map and got Renegades the four following rounds that secured them the map and a spot in the playoffs.


After a brief stint on the bench, Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan will return to Misfits’ active lineup, relegating Skyler “Relyks” Weaver to the backup position once again.

Misfits found themselves in a tough position going into the Americas Minor last week, as two of their starting players, Sean “seang@res” Gares and Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan didn’t attend the tournament.

The team’s in-game leader, seang@res, couldn’t be present at the event due to the fact that he was getting married, and has, as it was expected, already stepped back into the active roster.

However, just days before the Minor, the team ended up benching ShahZaM due to a dispute regarding a boot camp and preparation, with Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu shining some more light on the situation via a twitlonger, pointing out that the benching was not his own decision.

With the event around the corner, Misfits decided to use Caio “zqkS” Fonseca as their second stand-in at the event. The tournament didn’t end well for the team, as they went out with a 0-3 map record, losing to CLG and paiN.

Shortly after the disappointing event was brought to an end, Misfits announced that ShahZaM would be returning to the active lineup, together with seang@res. This means that Skyler “Relyks” Weaver will once again take a seat on the bench, while, according to the press release, zqkS will return to Brazil.

Overwatch Expanding Now

The Chinese organization TyLoo have completed the transfer of Zhen “HZ” Huang from AllGamers.

The 26-year-old Zhen “HZ” Huang who has been on loan at TyLoo since January has officially been acquired from AllGamers. HZ‘s tenure at AllGamers started in April, 2016.

HZ was loaned from AllGamers when TyLoo had a dispute with three of their playersYuanZhang “AttackeR” Sheng, YuLun “fancy1” Cai, and HaoWen “somebody” Xu. AttackeR and somebodyreturned to the team while fancy1 went on to play for Flash.

TyLoo acquired HZ from AllGamers

Since joining TyLoo, HZ attended WESG 2016 World Finals and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas where his team finished 5-8th and 13-16th, respectively. In addition, TyLoo have recently qualified for SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals which will take place from April 4-9.

Here is TyLoo‘s current roster:

Ke “Mo” Liu
Zhen “HZ” Huang
Hui “DD” Wu
YuanZhang “AttackeR” Sheng
HaoWen “somebody” Xu

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