Gatekeepers have announced that they have signed their Swedish roster on a permanent basis after the squad represented them at GeForce Cup 2017.

Robin “robiin” Sjögren & company qualified for GeForce Cup 2017 using the name Fightclub but attended the LAN event under Gatekeepers’ banner. In Wrocław, Poland, Gatekeepers were able to upset PENTA with a 2-0 victory in the quarter-finals.

They then faced Space Soldiers who beat the Swedes 2-0 and went on to win the tournament. Gatekeepers earned $4,000 at the event. Also, they have recently won Yoggi Yalla Cup 2017—a Swedish online tournament—and earned ~$2,850.

Taking into consideration their recent results, Gatekeepers signed the squad on a permanent basis with their sponsor robiin said in his statement that the team meshed together and decided to maintain the lineup:
You can catch Gatekeepers in action on June 22 when they face MAXISAUCISSE in Hellcase Cup 5.

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