The $750,000 finals of ESL Pro League Season 5 came to a close last weekend with G2 lifting their first big trophy on Sunday. Here is a quick recap and the winners and losers of the Dallas event.

Following the IEM format, the Pro League Finals started with a round-robin group stage consisting of two groups of six, with the winning teams skipping to semi-finals, while the second and the third-placed sides advanced to the quarter-finals.

Group stage

In Group A, four teams ended up with a 3-2 record, with G2 grabbing first place due to head-to-head record (having defeated all of the other three teams with whom they were tied ). SK, EnVyUs, and fnatic played mr3 tiebreakers for the remaining two spots, and it was the Swedes who went out in fourth place after losing both of their matches.

Group B avoided the tiebreakers after North placed first with four wins, followed by mousesports, who only lost to the Danes, and Liquid, who snatched the third spot with a win over Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen’s team in the last round.

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